Sunday November 24, 2013 - tags:    node.js, express

Advanced Express Web Application Development


My new book [](Advanced Express Web Application Development) is now available to pre-order. The book is a practical book, guiding the reader through the development of a single page application using a feature-driven approach. As you can see from the title it is an advanced title and we assume the reader has previous experience with node/javascript.

Its aim is to go a bit further than the majority of node/express books on the market and describe what is required when putting an express application into production.

What you will learn from this book

  • Drive Express development via test
  • Build and consume a RESTful web API using client and server-side templating
  • Secure and protect Express with passport authentication and SSL via stud
    -Scale Express beyond a single server with Redis and Hipache
  • Decouple Express for improved scalability and maintainability
  • Support real-time application development with Socket.IO
  • Handle failures with a minimum impact to service availability using cluster and domains
  • Understand and cope with Express limitations, including when and where to go for help

I hope readers find it useful; I wish it existed when I started out.